Reverend Guitars

In the current flourishing of the music industry, standing out as a guitar manufacturer is no easy task. There are countless individuals and businesses that stick to making the same style and type of electric guitars that we have seen since the instrument’s inception. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with these types of builders, some people want something more unique.

Just by looking at a Reverend guitar or bass you can tell that they’re not cut from the same cloth as anybody else. Nearly every trait of a Reverend pulls from somewhere but is then combined into a heap of guitar goodness. Yes, if you are looking to stand out, grabbing one of these instruments is a great place to start. While more and more folks are becoming associated with Reverend every day, they are still relatively unknown to many players. So, why don’t we take a short look behind the curtain as it pertains to Reverends’ history. Here is how this groundbreaking guitar company has come to be.

Many would assume Reverend is a newer company, yet they have actually been making guitars since 1997. Back then the company’s brand was actually quite different than what it has evolved into today. All of the Reverends made from ‘97 to ‘06 were American made instruments that shared the same body shape. Additionally, many (but not all) of these USA guitars had a distinct metal armrest, similar to the one you’ll see on a lot of banjos. Without a doubt, Reverend had a much more uniform look in their instruments in their earlier years. This look was finally expanded upon in 2005-2006 when new solid-body models like the Charger, Sensei, and Jetstream began to come about.  

In 2006 Reverend decided to make the most drastic change in the companies’ history. The business decided to move all of their production over to Korea. The specifics as to why this change was made are not completely clear but one could assume that it mostly has to do with cost. This decision alienated some of the fanboys of the USA guitars, thinking that quality control was going to go out the window. However, many agree that this decision wound up producing a great result for both the brand and the customer. Currently, Korea has some of the best guitar manufacturing out there and Mirr Music Co (Reverend’s manufacture) is no exception. Moreover, with this manufacturing change, Reverend has never ceased being the last stop in the guitars cycle. Every Reverend is set up, inspected, and initialed at their Toledo HQ before being shipped to stores.

From 2006 on the company has frequently improved and updated its models. In fact, over the years Reverend started including many new and improved features to their guitars. Things like Wilkinson bridges, Rail Hammer pickups, and roasted necks were all added throughout the progression of making the brand as diverse and as quality as possible. To non-traditional guitar players out there, this constant progress is part of what makes Reverend such an exciting brand to keep an eye on. They are truly a guitar company of a different breed. Reverend utilizes modern looks and advancements all while maintaining a lot of retro vibes. We look forward to seeing what this great company has in store for the future.