Schlagwerk Cajon Reviews

Schlagwerk has been making percussion instruments since 1983. This German company emphasizes the highest levels of craftsmanship and sound qualities into their products. They are constantly innovating and refining their cajon products. The Schlagwerk 2-in-One cajon is a best selling cajon in Europe and now is available here in the United States. The cajons produced

Fender Paramount Acoustic Review

Fender. When you hear this company’s name what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For most of us, I think the answer would be a Strat, Tele, J Bass, or anyone of the other ultra-iconic guitar/bass models that the company is associated with. However, for almost as long as the company has been around,

Best Electric Guitar Amp (2022 Reviews & Guide)

Our Top Choices For Electric Guitar Amp 1. Vox Pathfinder Combo Electric Guitar Amp The one thing we always say when it comes to any VOX combo amp is that it has a very distinctive sound quality. The Pathfinder 10 is no exception; it’s a low-price amp that delivers the same vintage style and warm

Most Versatile Guitar Models

If you have found yourself wanting the most versatile guitar possible, this article is for you. I have selected guitars that are very versatile but in different ways, all of which can be bought for under four figures at the time of writing. Also, I am choosing to put an emphasis on pickup configurations, seeing

The Fuzz Face Pedal: Germanium VS Silicon

The Fuzz Face pedal is a classic fuzz pedal. It was first built in the mid-1960’s at a time of revolutionary rock and roll. A period when artists, inventors, and engineers were working around the clock to develop new sounds and electronic abilities. The fuzz pedal, although a fairly simple development, blew the minds of

TC Electronic Flashback X4 Guitar Pedal Review

The Flash X4 Delay Pedal is TC Electronic‘s flagship delay and looper pedal. It’s a culmination of the company’s many years of experience crafting amazing delay tones.  The TC Electronics Flash X4 offers twelve different delay types and four preset positions. This includes the typical delay modes which are found on any digital delay pedal,