Best Single Coil S-style Guitars

Since 1954 the Stratocaster by Fender has been one of the most widely recognized guitars in the world. Featuring 3 single coil pickups usually, with a 5-way selector switch these guitars offer versatility in sounds that can be used in a wide variety of music styles. These S-style guitars also usually have a tremolo system. Here are a few

Best Bass Effect Pedals

There are literally thousands of bass guitar pedals on the market today. And of these units there are a wide range of effect types that they provide. Luckily, bass tone can really be boiled down to a few core effects that are considered staples for the instrument. Here is our 10 awesome sounding pedals that

Korg Volca Review

In their infancy synthesizers were experimental and quite expensive pieces of gear. However, a lot has changed since then. Over the years, synths have become increasingly more popular and affordable. Especially in recent years, the number of affordable hardware synths has grown immensely. A potential poster child for this movement could easily be Korg’s Volca

Best Ribbon Microphones

For many, a great ribbon mic is an essential studio tool. Also, for many, there is one glaring problem with acquiring one… the cost. Ribbon mics have a reputation for being VERY expensive and thus it can be hard to justify the purchase of. Yet many continue to shell out the big bucks for that

Fender Paramount Acoustic Review

Fender. When you hear this company’s name what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For most of us, I think the answer would be a Strat, Tele, J Bass, or anyone of the other ultra-iconic guitar/bass models that the company is associated with. However, for almost as long as the company has been around,