Best Bass Envelope Filter Pedals

Envelope filters! Those things that make your bass or guitar go “quack” or “bow”, that sound at times like you were playing underwater, but mainly make you feel as if you were dressed in a full-sequined outfit and playing a bass shaped like a glittery star while wearing platform shoes. Bootsy Collins, we’re looking at

Best Tremolo Pedal

Chop that signal! Make it tremble, make it wobble, as if it was suddenly dragged through a black hole along unimaginable quantities and qualities of star dust, detritus, and toxic gas. Well, that’s perhaps the most exaggerate and edgy form of tremolo. A good tremolo pedal for guitar may be able to produce this effect,

Best Single Coil S-style Guitars

Since 1954 the Stratocaster by Fender has been one of the most widely recognized guitars in the world. Featuring 3 single coil pickups usually, with a 5-way selector switch these guitars offer versatility in sounds that can be used in a wide variety of music styles. These S-style guitars also usually have a tremolo system. Here are a few

Best Beginner Electric And Acoustic Guitars For Kids – 2022 Reviews

Is your kid interested in music and you’re looking for the right gear for them, like an electric guitar? Some things to have in mind are the size, simplicity of the model, and number of strings, to name just a few. Then, you also have to consider the materials and overall performance of the guitar.

Best Looper Pedal – 2022 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Alright guys!!! I am super excited to be putting together this review for the best looper pedal on the market! Loopers have a special place on my pedal board and not just physically. Reason being is that I occasionally play solo as well as in a band. Loopers give me the ability to expand my

Best Ribbon Microphones

For many, a great ribbon mic is an essential studio tool. Also, for many, there is one glaring problem with acquiring one… the cost. Ribbon mics have a reputation for being VERY expensive and thus it can be hard to justify the purchase of. Yet many continue to shell out the big bucks for that

Best Acoustic Guitar Strings​

We’ve listed the top 3 guitar strings along with their unique features and benefits that will serve as your ultimate guide in deciding which one will work best according to your playing style, level of experience, and acoustic guitar skills. Let’s do this, kids! Our Top Choices For Acoustic Guitar Strings In 2022 1. D’Addario

Best Mini Guitar Amps For 2022

1. Blackstar Electric Guitar Mini Amplifier Blackstar might not lead the way when it comes to guitar amplifiers in general, but they always over-deliver on value for money. In the budget range or if you are looking for a mini amp, Blackstar is often the first choice. The FLY 3 is an innovative and extremely

Best Bass Effect Pedals

There are literally thousands of bass guitar pedals on the market today. And of these units there are a wide range of effect types that they provide. Luckily, bass tone can really be boiled down to a few core effects that are considered staples for the instrument. Here is our 10 awesome sounding pedals that

Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners [ 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide ]

The first-ever guitar can make or break the dreams of an aspiring musician. The right instrument can make playing enjoyable by staying in tune throughout the practice, or you risk that it becomes frustrating. It must also be rugged, and it needs to sound great. All at a more than affordable entry-level price point. With