Best Compressor Pedals – 2021 Reviews And Guide

Adding compression to a bass signal is kind of like sprinkling salt or pepper over your favorite dish. It might not be such a visible ingredient, but it will bring out the flavor in all the other components. Surely, it will not taste the same without it. Compression is like that. It will bring a

Best Distortion Pedals – 2021 Reviews & Guide

Okay Metal-Heads, blues rockers and funky f***ers…. too far?…. nahhh….. this is a much anticipated review of the best distortion pedals you can find. Period. Some of these pedals will melt your face while others… well not so much. Keep on reading to find out which pedal will be the one you need to deliver

Best Mic For Guitar Amp (2021 Reviews And Guide)

Our Top Choices For Mic For Guitar Amp 1. AKG Pro Audio Instrument Condenser Microphone The AKG C414 XLS has long been considered one of the best condenser microphones on the market. It’s an absolute workhorse, in the sense that there isn’t really anything that it won’t record well. It’s a large-diaphragm microphone offering nine

Best Guitar Pedal Board – 2021 Reviews And Guide

If you’re ready to take your guitar-playing game to the next level with yet another pedal, investing in a guitar pedalboard might be a must. In essence, the pedalboard is nothing but a casing for your pedals that allows you to plug them all in the same power socket. So, picking one shouldn’t be complicated,

Best Delay Pedals For Guitar [ 2021 Reviews ]

A delay pedal is a versatile device that can help seasoned guitar players add some spice to their music. From delay and loop effects to adding refreshment to your sound or enriching it naturally, the delay pedal delivers a myriad of interesting possibilities. From simpler pedals to more advanced ones that offer time variations, modification

Best Acoustic Guitar Amplifier [ 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide ]

When you think about acoustic guitars, you don’t automatically associate them with an amplifier, as you do with the electric guitar. But, in some ways, good acoustic guitar amplifiers have an even more important role to play. We say that because the acoustic guitars are natural instruments and have to remain natural, without losing their

Best Electric Guitar Amp (2021 Reviews & Guide)

Our Top Choices For Electric Guitar Amp 1. Vox Pathfinder Combo Electric Guitar Amp The one thing we always say when it comes to any VOX combo amp is that it has a very distinctive sound quality. The Pathfinder 10 is no exception; it’s a low-price amp that delivers the same vintage style and warm

Best Acoustic Guitar Strings​

We’ve listed the top 3 guitar strings along with their unique features and benefits that will serve as your ultimate guide in deciding which one will work best according to your playing style, level of experience, and acoustic guitar skills. Let’s do this, kids! Our Top Choices For Acoustic Guitar Strings In 2021 1. D’Addario

Best Fingerstyle Guitars

Fingerpicking is a style that allows players to create very interesting arpeggiated patterns that result in beautiful and sometimes quite intricate textures. This makes fingerpicking one of the most rewarding techniques to learn since it unlocks many possibilities that you can use to expand your musical vocabulary- and it’s also very fun to play! If

Best Finger Picks For Guitar

Fingerpicks come in a wide range of gauges, thicker gauges are hard and heavy while thinner gauges are softer and more flexible. If you’re not sure what kind of finger pick best suits your needs, don’t worry we’ve got you covered! For this article, we picked (pun intended) some of the best finger picks available