How to Get Better at Mixing Music

Audio engineering in general is one of those things that is somewhat ambiguous in nature. Sure, there are websites and YouTube tutorials to provide you with some information, but these don’t really give any hands-on experience. And while there are both online and more traditional schooling options in this field, most are quite costly. So,

How to Order Guitar Pedals: Tips and Tricks

There is a lot that goes into getting that sound in your head to come out of your amp’s speakers. And this process is of course first to be addressed in the form of what guitar and amp you are using. Yet pedals and the order in which you use them can also play a

Basics For Getting Into Amp Attenuators

Electric guitars are meant to be played loud… at least that’s what the tone heads will tell you. And this mantra comes with some real-world proof to back it up. Ever tried playing on a cranked tube amp for a while? Well if you have you’ll know that once you turn it down it just doesn’t

Tips for Mixing/Recording Synths

Crafting your synth sounds is hard enough as it stands. But adding in the process of recording those sounds and then fitting them into a mix can really be a hassle. At least I sure find this to be the case in my situation. So, if you too have struggled to get your synth tracks where you

Your First Pedalboard: Things to Keep in Mind

It is almost a certainty that at some point in your guitar-playing journey you will do a deep dive into pedals. For many, effects are a great way to expand your tonal palette and make playing guitar even more fun. Yet, there is actually quite a bit involved once you start talking about playing through multiple pedals. For

Lead Guitar Riffs for Beginners

Learning lead guitar is a very fun but lengthy process that can feel rather daunting in your first few years of playing. Luckily, you don’t have to know sweeping or tapping to play some really great riffs. Here are 15 riffs that with practice, are in reach of any beginning lead player. Keep in mind