Reverend Guitars

In the current flourishing of the music industry, standing out as a guitar manufacturer is no easy task. There are countless individuals and businesses that stick to making the same style and type of electric guitars that we have seen since the instrument’s inception. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with these types of builders,

Mixing for Beginners – 10 Simple Tips

There is so much that comes with wanting to mix great-sounding music. In no way is this something that comes quickly, it takes time and the beginning is rough. But the reward of being able to mix a massive track is awesome. It is truly a noble and worthy endeavor that you are good to

Solid State Vs Tube Amplifiers

All major guitar amp manufacturers assemble amps using either vacuum tube technology, solid-state technology, or a mixture of both. Some amps incorporate digital technology as well, which is often used to imitate the sound of other amps, either tube or solid state. However, not all amps are created equal and there’s usually one you’d prefer

How Long Does It Take To Get Good At Guitar?

This is a common question among beginning players or people that are just considering to pick up the guitar. The thing with this question, however, is that “good” varies a lot depending on the level of technique you’re trying to reach, the styles you want to play, and, ultimately, what you want to do with

Basic Introduction To Synthesis

Getting into synthesis can be a very overwhelming experience. You may be in the common situation of having just received your first synth and still being rather unfamiliar with what all the knobs do. For some, this is actually quite an exciting concept, as it lets you jump into a world unknown. Yet, there will

How To Put On Electric Guitar Strings

So you broke a string huh?! Well, hopefully, it wasn’t while on stage.  Now let’s dive right in. Here’s a step-by-step list on how to change your guitar strings:  Loosen up them old strings. All of them? Yeah, all of them. I’ll explain why below.  Remove the old strings Clean the fretboard Restring the guitar,

How To Make A Pedalboard Out Of Wood?

Building your own pedalboard, even if it’s just you handpicking every pedal that will be on your signal chain, is a thing of beauty. But making your own pedalboard rack out of a piece of wood? Well, that can be quite poetic if you got the proper tools and a little knack for carpentry.  This

How Good Are Alvarez Guitars?

When it comes to answering whether X or Y brand of guitars is any good, the answer will always have three parts:  How’s the brand’s reputation? eg. Is Alvarez a good guitar? Which model, and from which period of the brand’s history?  Good for what?  In this little article, we’ll look at each of those question’s

Routine Guitar Maintenance and Repairs

Just like any instrument, guitars need some love from time to time to keep them up and running. While you may be able to scrape by with changing the occasional string when it breaks, this is not ideal. Basically, the more you learn to take care of a guitar the better it will treat you

Songwriting Tips: How to Write a Song

How do you write a song? This is one of the few things that has nearly every beginner stumped. The truth is, there is no single answer that can live up to this question. While there are “standard” practices that some choose to follow, there exists an infinite number of ways in which people write