Best Single Coil S-style Guitars

Since 1954 the Stratocaster by Fender has been one of the most widely recognized guitars in the world. Featuring 3 single coil pickups usually, with a 5-way selector switch these guitars offer versatility in sounds that can be used in a wide variety of music styles.

These S-style guitars also usually have a tremolo system. Here are a few Strat style guitars that we like:

1. Chapman ML-1 Pro Traditional

The ML-1 Pro features a satin finish ash body, 22 stainless steel frets, and Chapman Venus Witch single-coil pickups. Available in natural or white dove finishes, rolled edges, strap locks, glow in the dark side dots, this guitar offers modern features to a classic platform. Also comes with a hardshell case.

2. PRS Silver Sky

The PRS Silver Sky is one of the newest and most talked about additions to the S-style guitars available. Designed in collaboration with John Mayer this guitar offers fine appointments that can be found on the best vintage guitars. This guitar was based on Mayer’s and Smith’s favorite 1963 and 1964 vintage instruments. The neck has a 7.25″ radius and the 635JM pickups sound very round and full.

3. Fender Player Series Stratocaster

The Player Series Stratocasters are a redesign and update from the former Standard Series Stratocasters. They now feature all Alnico pickups, a moden-C shape neck. They are affordable and are authentically Fender.

4. Music Man Cutlass

The Music Man Cutlass features an alder body, vintage 60’s style electronics, and a smooth tremolo system. This guitar comes with a hardshell case and is available in several finishes. It also features Music Man’s silent circuit transparent buffered output.

5. Reverend Six-Gun

Reverend’s Six Gun has beefy 50’s twang.With Reverend’s Bass Contour Control this guitar can go from rich shimmer and twang to a leaner more traditional tone. The body is made of Korina wood and has a Wilkinson tremolo (one of our personal favorites). The body is sleek and offset, and doesn’t look like a traditional S-style guitar.