Best Guitar Pedal Board – 2022 Reviews And Guide

If you’re ready to take your guitar-playing game to the next level with yet another pedal, investing in a guitar pedalboard might be a must. In essence, the pedalboard is nothing but a casing for your pedals that allows you to plug them all in the same power socket.

So, picking one shouldn’t be complicated, right? What perhaps you don’t know is that not all pedalboards were created equal. Slight variations in the electronic department can make the difference between the best and a meh… pedalboard. That’s why we roamed the market in an attempt to find the best guitar pedalboard around. From all, only ten have made it to our list, and you can check them out in the following rundown…

Our Top 10 List – Guitar Pedal Boards In 2022

1. Pedaltrain Nano Guitar Pedalboard

Pedaltrain is a company that has gone from a one-man band to a leading name in the pedalboard market. The award-winning Pedaltrain Nano+ is the smallest pedalboard in their range – 457 x 126 mm – but its appeal is big.

The newest version of the Nano+ offers four inches of extra width in comparison to the previous model. It also sports a new rail spacing system that provides improved stability, especially for smaller pedals. It can take up to six standard size effects pedals, or even more mini pedals. So, despite its small stature, it has got more than enough room for everything you need to get through most gigs.

Pedalboards take some punishment over their lifetime, but if you are worried about the little Nano+ not being built for life on the road, you shouldn’t be. Pedaltrain manufactures the Nano+ from lightweight, airline-grade aluminum; in other words, it’s tough as nails.

The device is as simple as it gets; it includes 36 inches of sticky-backed hook and loop that’s quick and easy to set up. It even has a supply of zip ties to keep your cables tidy. Last but not least, it comes with a much improved soft gig bag, so you are ready to hit the road.

2. Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2

The Pedal Power 2 Plus from Voodoo Lab is the ideal power source for any stacked pedalboard. It comes with eight fully isolated outputs that will handle any pedal you will ever use.

It has four regulated 9v outputs along with two “line 6” style high-voltage outputs and a further two 9v outputs with variable SAG control. The variable SAG control might just be the best thing about the pedal.

Variable SAG control means you can alter the voltage going into the pedal. If you are a complete tone freak, you will say that the different power supplies can generate a different tone. So, now you can micro-manage your tone even further! One reason you might want to reduce the voltage is to create a dying battery effect, which is fantastic for vintage fuzz pedals.

It does everything it’s supposed to and more; it filters, regulates, isolates, and protects. If you want plenty of power and an easy set up without the hum you get from most power supplies, this is the one for you. To top it all of, it comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty; can’t argue with that, can you?

3. BOSS BCB-60 Deluxe Pedalboard

Whatever type of guitar accessories we are talking about, it’s a safe bet that Boss products will be in the conversation. This time we are looking at the Boss BCB-60 pedalboard.

The purpose of the Boss BCB-60, from the manufacturer’s point of view, is to combine high quality with ultimate convenience. Convenience comes from the fact that separate cables and adapters are no longer required.

The BCB-60 comes with a built-in power source and adapter cables to power all of your pedals.

Guitarists tend to find their sound and stick with it, meaning the odd pedal may come and go from the pedalboard, but the bulk of the set up remains the same. The best thing about the BCB-60 is that once you set up your chain of pedals, you don’t need to take them out of the board to plug into your guitar or amp.

Instead, you plug straight into the inputs at the top of the pedalboard. So, while other guitarists are fiddling around for 30 minutes, you can plug n’ play, then chill out till showtime.

The pedalboard can handle four to six standard effects pedal, although multiple boards can be connected to create an extended chain. As well as the pedals, there’s space for a tuner near the top of the board.

The exterior is rugged and road-ready, so it’s the ultimate turn up and play pedalboard. Boss’ BCB-60 is the best pedalboard setup overall, thanks to the built-in power supply and inputs.

4. Luvay Guitar Pedal Board

When a standard size pedalboard just isn’t enough for you, you need the Luvay Guitar Pedal Board – Extra Large.

Coming in at 22 x 13 inches, this pedalboard will house six standard size pedals with plenty of space. Or, as many as you can cram in with just enough room for some patch cables in between.

It comes with two lots of 60-inch pedalboard velcro, 12 buckles, and 12 zip ties. Depending on the number of pedals, and how you set them up, your set up time will vary. But, that’s to be expected with a larger board anyway.

Despite being more substantial in size, it’s still very portable, weighing just 7lbs with the included Oxford bag.

If you think that being so lightweight means it’s not as robust as it should be, don’t worry about it. It’s constructed from tough alloy, and even the gig bag is well padded and built to withstand a musician’s life.

5. Gator G-TOUR Guitar Pedal Board

When you think about extreme toughness, whether it’s pedalboards or cases, Gator is the name that comes to mind first.

Gator’s G-Tour pedalboards are constructed from heavy plywood and have a full aluminum valance. You could break it apart, but it would likely involve a sledgehammer, not typical bumps and bangs. Whether it’s poorly packed in the back of your drummer’s van or the hold on a first-class flight, it’s safe as can be. If that’s not enough, it’s packed with a layer of shock-absorbing EVA foam, and secured by a 3M dual lock fastener.

This particular model has a removable 17 x 11 inches pedalboard that holds 8-10 pedals with plenty of space. The case has built-in cable storage space underneath the pedalboard, too.

If you do a lot of traveling, the G-Tour series is the best guitar effects pedalboard to take on a long haul. It’s not just secure and robust; it’s exceptionally comfortable to carry thanks to the cushioned handles. Small details like that are why the G-Tour Pedalboard is perfectly built for every stage of your journey.

6. Donner Guitar Pedal Board

At 20 x 11.4 inches, the DB-3 is the largest Donner pedalboard. It offers plenty of space at an affordable price.

In terms of construction and looks, it’s pretty typical of a standard pedalboard. It’s made of lightweight aluminum and has a matte black finish.

The DB-3 isn’t the most robust pedalboard on our list, but there are no problems in that department either. Unless you do anything silly with it, it will last a very long time. The build quality is more than value for money at this price.

It carries a maximum of eight standard-sized pedals with a power supply mounted underneath. The DB-3 accommodates the most popular power supply types, including T-Rex, Voodoo Lab, and the like.

It’s worth noting that there are various sizes available from Donner if you should need something smaller.

Every Donner pedalboard comes with a canvas carry bag to make it easy to get around. Like the pedalboard, the bag isn’t the highest quality on our list, but it does its job. The DB-3 is considered a budget option, and rightly so, but value for money is a good thing, whatever you are buying. So, it gets a thumbs up from us.

7. Vangoa Guitar Pedal Board

The Ghost Fire pedalboard is another fantastic option for a beginner, or for anyone who wants something that will do the job without breaking the bank.

The 19.8 x 11.5 inches pedalboard is constructed from aluminum alloy. Again, it’s not the toughest, but if you break it, the problem might be you, and not the pedalboard!

The Ghost Fire will comfortably carry eight standard-sized pedals. It comes equipped with all the trimming to get set up, such as velcro and zip ties. We have to say, along with the cool name (Ghost Fire), it’s a pretty cool design too.

The pedalboard has fold-down feet on one side; they tilt the board and create space to mount a power supply underneath. It looks the part on stage, and it sits at a comfortable angle for comfortable use.

There is an included carry bag, which, to be honest, is surprisingly good quality. All in all, the Ghost Fire pedalboard is a solid choice.

8. Voodoo Lab Dingbat Medium Pedalboard

Voodoo Lab’s Dingbat pedalboard has a lot going for it. First of all, it comes from a well-respected manufacturer, and secondly, it features an innovative design for cable management.

We are looking at the Dingbat medium with Pedal Power 2 Plus, which comes in at a respectable 22 x 13.5 inches. It has room for 6 – 10 pedals with hook and loop tape to attach. The Dingbat utilizes a modular design, rather than a typical rail design. The upside of this, apart from added stability, is that you can create custom layouts. Another thing is that it helps conceal cables much more.

We already told you how good the Pedal Power 2 Plus is, so what better pedalboard than one that is custom-built for it. The Dingbat medium has two dedicated positions for mounting the power supply, so you can choose one or even attach two if you need extra power.

Voodoo Lab includes a heavy-duty, tour read gig bag with all of their pedalboards. The bag has a comfortable handle and backpack straps, so it’s easy to get around. This bundle deal comes at a relatively premium price, so it’s reassuring to know the pedalboard and bag are every bit as high-end as the Pedal Power 2 Plus.

9. Donner Dp-1 Guitar Pedal

The Donner DP-1 power supply is the perfect companion for the DB-3 pedalboard.It has a total of 10 isolated outputs with LED lights that illuminate your pedalboard and indicate a short circuit. There are nine 9v outputs, one 12v output, and an 18v output, which just about covers all of your pedal needs.

The slimline design fits perfectly under most pedalboards, and it looks like a more expensive unit if that matters to you (it doesn’t hurt). The pack comes with 10 link power cables and a power adapter.

There isn’t a great deal to say about the DP-1; it does the job with very little fuss. The surprising thing is that for such a cheap power supply, there are no apparent problems. No noise or hum, as well as no power issues or quality issues; if you don’t want to shell out for the Pedal Power 2 Plus, we highly recommend the DP-1.

10. Temple Audio DUO 17

Temple Audio’s Templeboard utilizes a modular design, much like the Dingbat medium from Voodoo Lab.

The Templeboard DUO 17 is 17 inches long, and the idea of the modular system is that you can make use of every single inch.

It’s easy to set up custom layouts or even add optional side modules to expand your pedalboard. The modular design will divide opinion, with many guitarists preferring the standard rail style. However, if the modular design makes for the best guitar pedalboard, the Templeboard is as good as any – or just about.

Temple Audio has even gone a step further to ensure absolutely no movement from your pedals, in use or transit.

They suggest their locking plate mounting system instead of the usual hook and loop tape. The good news is that the locking plate system works; they are rock solid. The bad news is that the plates are sold separately.

While we are dealing with the bad news, the underside clearance only leaves room for a power supply of 2 inches or thinner. For that reason, we place the Dingbat medium slightly higher on our list.

The DUO 17’s lightweight chassis has offset routing holes for cleaner cabling, a significant benefit of a modular design. The bulk of the pedalboard might seem a little flimsy at first sight, but the rugged side rails add more than enough strength for just about anyone.