Best Acoustic Guitar Strings​

We’ve listed the top 3 guitar strings along with their unique features and benefits that will serve as your ultimate guide in deciding which one will work best according to your playing style, level of experience, and acoustic guitar skills. Let’s do this, kids!

Our Top Choices For Acoustic Guitar Strings In 2022

1. D’Addario EJ16 Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

Sitting in the most coveted number 1 spot is the D’Addario’s EJ16-10P. It provides guitar players with the perfect balance of projection and volume making it the most popular choice for guitar enthusiasts.

Made of Phosphor Bronze, the strings are resistant to corrosion and the bronze is applied onto a hexagon shaped carbon steel core. This feature allows musicians to play brighter tones with superior intonation.

The EJ16-10P strings are wonderfully comfortable to play and are the most preferred strings by acoustic guitarists because of their bright and well balanced acoustic tone. The best thing about D’Addario’s strings is versatility, which makes it a perfect fit in playing music of all genres.

The entire line of D’Addario’s strings are manufactured in the US, utilizing technologically advanced machinery to ensure high quality strings are made every single time.

Superior performance, flexibility and durability make these strings the perfect choice for acoustic guitar noobs and professionals alike, no matter what type of music genre you’re into. However, these strings can suddenly break, so it comes in a set of 10 strings to ensure that you have a replacement standing by whenever this happens.

2. Elixir 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

If you’re all for durability, performance, and sound then the Elixir Acoustic Guitar strings 80/20 Bronze with Nanoweb is the perfect string to dawn on your acoustic guitar. Most professional acoustic guitar players prefer playing with these as the Nanoweb coating provides a brilliant, lively tone coupled with long sting life, which is definitely appealing.

Elixir has been around for a long time and has developed strings that appeal to all guitar players no matter what type of music they’re into. The entire string is protected with a super thin coating that ensures gunk are kept out of the gaps that can be found between the windings.

These strings are less likely to produce finger squeaking sounds that can be noticed in some strings from other manufacturers.

These Elixir strings are guaranteed to last longer so you won’t have to frequently change your acoustic guitar strings. Acoustic guitar players that use Elixir strings swear by the strings’ durability and attest that the tone of these strings are by far the best in the market, whether coated or uncoated.

Elixir strings are plated steel strings that are tested and proven to be rust proof and can resist corrosion so the tone quality of the string is maintained.

3. Martin MSP4200 SP Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

Third on the list is Martin SP’s acoustic guitar string, medium gauge, phosphor bronze. These Martin Studio Performance level acoustic strings are perfect when used during studio sessions and live performances.

A lot of effort has been put into the improvement of these acoustic strings to ensure that the result is something that guitar players from all ranks and skill set will love.

The Martin acoustic strings provide acoustic guitar players with maximum string life. They come with superior, high quality steel cores that cam effortlessly resist breakage much better than average strings in the market.

Martin’s medium gauge strings are not intended for beginners as their heavier weight will be ultimately difficult to fret and will injure a beginner’s un-callused fingers. If you’ve been playing guitars for awhile and already possess awesome callused fingers (well… kind of awesome?) then these strings will definitely fit your preference.

The bronze strings are smooth & with the bronze acoustic finish they allow players to experience the most out of its string life. It also adds to the brightness of the sound produced along with the tonal quality. If you’re into superior sound and tone, these strings are the perfect choice for you.