Mixing for Beginners – 10 Simple Tips

There is so much that comes with wanting to mix great-sounding music. In no way is this something that comes quickly, it takes time and the beginning is rough. But the reward of being able to mix a massive track is awesome. It is truly a noble and worthy endeavor that you are good to

Best Beginner Electric And Acoustic Guitars For Kids – 2021 Reviews

Is your kid interested in music and you’re looking for the right gear for them, like an electric guitar? Some things to have in mind are the size, simplicity of the model, and number of strings, to name just a few. Then, you also have to consider the materials and overall performance of the guitar.

Best Short Scale Electric Guitar

There are a few reasons you might want to find the best short scale electric guitar. The most common is that they are fantastic for beginners, especially younger players, with naturally smaller hands. The shorter scale length makes it easier to get around the fretboard and usually means a lighter action, too, which is good

The Fuzz Face Pedal: Germanium VS Silicon

The Fuzz Face pedal is a classic fuzz pedal. It was first built in the mid-1960’s at a time of revolutionary rock and roll. A period when artists, inventors, and engineers were working around the clock to develop new sounds and electronic abilities. The fuzz pedal, although a fairly simple development, blew the minds of

TC Electronic Flashback X4 Guitar Pedal Review

The Flash X4 Delay Pedal is TC Electronic‘s flagship delay and looper pedal. It’s a culmination of the company’s many years of experience crafting amazing delay tones.  The TC Electronics Flash X4 offers twelve different delay types and four preset positions. This includes the typical delay modes which are found on any digital delay pedal,

Solid State Vs Tube Amplifiers

All major guitar amp manufacturers assemble amps using either vacuum tube technology, solid-state technology, or a mixture of both. Some amps incorporate digital technology as well, which is often used to imitate the sound of other amps, either tube or solid state. However, not all amps are created equal and there’s usually one you’d prefer

Best Affordable Electric Guitar [ 2021 Reviews And Guide ]

Whether you’re a beginner or just looking for a backup electric guitar on a budget, finding an affordable model is harder than you can imagine. That’s because most cheaper guitars are… well… cheap. To help you out, we’ve roamed the market and found the best affordable electric guitars that don’t suck. Check them out below…

Best Tremolo Pedal

Chop that signal! Make it tremble, make it wobble, as if it was suddenly dragged through a black hole along unimaginable quantities and qualities of star dust, detritus, and toxic gas. Well, that’s perhaps the most exaggerate and edgy form of tremolo. A good tremolo pedal for guitar may be able to produce this effect,

Best Mini Guitar Amps For 2021

1. Blackstar Electric Guitar Mini Amplifier Blackstar might not lead the way when it comes to guitar amplifiers in general, but they always over-deliver on value for money. In the budget range or if you are looking for a mini amp, Blackstar is often the first choice. The FLY 3 is an innovative and extremely

How Long Does It Take To Get Good At Guitar?

This is a common question among beginning players or people that are just considering to pick up the guitar. The thing with this question, however, is that “good” varies a lot depending on the level of technique you’re trying to reach, the styles you want to play, and, ultimately, what you want to do with