Best Guitar Headphone For Practice And Recording – 2022 Reviews

Hearing his or her own guitar signal through a decent pair of headphones truly marks a before and after in a guitarist’s life. Suddenly, every little nuance is evidenced and clean playing can be truly set apart from that which, to put it mildly, requires some rigorous practice.

Best Affordable Acoustic Guitars

Whether you’re a beginner trying to pluck the right notes to “Stairway to heaven”, a seasoned player looking for a mid-priced upgrade, or an enthusiast somewhere in between, you’re going to want a good acoustic guitar that won’t make your audience wish your strings would snap. There are plenty of acoustic guitars to choose from,

Best Overdrive Pedal – 2022 Reviews

Finding the best overdrive pedal can be a make or break for getting your tone just right, and ultimately fitting in with your unique style. If you play any form of metal, blues or rock then you may want to consider your options carefully, as there can be a lot of variation in the types

Best Short Scale Electric Guitar

There are a few reasons you might want to find the best short scale electric guitar. The most common is that they are fantastic for beginners, especially younger players, with naturally smaller hands. The shorter scale length makes it easier to get around the fretboard and usually means a lighter action, too, which is good

Best Preamps for Home Recording

A lot of the reasoning for purchasing an external mic pre simply comes down to audio quality. While interfaces from companies like Focusrite and Presonus are great devices, they are much more focused on converting the analog mic signal into a digital one. Not to say these internal preamps are bad in any way, their

Best Mic For Guitar Amp (2022 Reviews And Guide)

Our Top Choices For Mic For Guitar Amp 1. AKG Pro Audio Instrument Condenser Microphone The AKG C414 XLS has long been considered one of the best condenser microphones on the market. It’s an absolute workhorse, in the sense that there isn’t really anything that it won’t record well. It’s a large-diaphragm microphone offering nine

Best Acoustic Guitar Amplifier [ 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide ]

When you think about acoustic guitars, you don’t automatically associate them with an amplifier, as you do with the electric guitar. But, in some ways, good acoustic guitar amplifiers have an even more important role to play. We say that because the acoustic guitars are natural instruments and have to remain natural, without losing their

Best Fingerstyle Guitars

Fingerpicking is a style that allows players to create very interesting arpeggiated patterns that result in beautiful and sometimes quite intricate textures. This makes fingerpicking one of the most rewarding techniques to learn since it unlocks many possibilities that you can use to expand your musical vocabulary- and it’s also very fun to play! If

Best Multi Effects Pedal – 2022 Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

Guitar players looking to revolutionize their game might find what they are looking for in a multi effects pedal. This tiny device impresses with different controls, modes, effects, and advanced features that can help you play epic music. It’s so popular that many manufacturers have launched their own pedals. Obviously, each brand claims theirs is

Best Distortion Pedals – 2022 Reviews & Guide

Okay Metal-Heads, blues rockers and funky f***ers…. too far?…. nahhh….. this is a much anticipated review of the best distortion pedals you can find. Period. Some of these pedals will melt your face while others… well not so much. Keep on reading to find out which pedal will be the one you need to deliver